[Barbara Gaitley, NASA JPL]


An introduction to the concept of the fuel cell and what it means to society. Some alternative energy technologies are introduced; solar energy and intelligent load-balancing are discussed.
A look at global warming, and the sensationalism that often surrounds it. What are the truths about global warming, and what is merely hot air? Surface temperature and sea levels are discussed.
A history of fuel cells and a look at their inner workings.
A more detailed look into various energy sources, with links and helpful insights into the energy sources of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Links to the finest energy source resources in the world. Use these to get started on your quest to building the solar home of the future, or as a research tool in your quest to find new renewable energy sources.
Fuel Cells and Energy Conservation Techniques Welcome! These web pages serve as a portal to various sources of information on fuel cells and alternative energy technologies. Some of these methods are in place now, while others are still under development. Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged; please see my e-mail address at the bottom of the page.
Concluding remarks; what can we do to preserve energy and fossil fuels while we wait for fuel cells to come to fruition?
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