0 Starting point. An introduction to the concept of the fuel cell and what it means to society. Some alternative energy technologies are introduced; solar energy and intelligent load-balancing are discussed. A look at global warming, and the sensationalism that often surrounds it. What are the truths about global warming, and what is merely hot air? Surface temperature and sea levels are discussed. A history of fuel cells and a look at their inner workings. A more detailed look into various energy sources, with links and helpful insights into the energy sources of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Links to the finest energy source resources in the world. Use these to get started on your quest to building the solar home of the future, or as a research tool in your quest to find new renewable energy sources. Concluding remarks; what can we do to preserve energy and fossil fuels while we wait for fuel cells to come to fruition?
 Useful Links
[Barbara Gaitley, NASA JPL]

Fuel Cells | Lighting and Intelligent Systems
Energy Saving Programs | Global Warming

Renewable Energy Sources:
Biomass | Solar | Wind

[top] Fuel Cells

AEP: Environment: Power Pie: Fuel Cell: Vehicles

Ballard Announces Commercial Launch of Portable Nexa Power Module

Fuels for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Fuel Cell Energy

Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC) Kit

How Do Fuel Cells Work?
United Technologies has the answer.

[top] Lighting and Intelligent Systems

Lighting Futures - Interoperable Systems - The Future of Lighting Control

Lighting a Revolution: 20th Century Invention

Lighting in Residential and Commercial Buildings (1993 and 1995 Data)

[top] Energy Saving Programs

USA Analysis of Energy R&D Programs

Federal Building Saves Energy Through Integrated Efficiency Solution

[top] Global Warming

Daly, John L. "Still Waiting for Greenhouse: A Lukewarm View of Global Warming."

EPA Costal Zones: Case Studies of Global Warming's Impact

Fleming, James. Perspectives on Recent Climate Science and Policy.
Chapter 9 presents a historical background on climate change over the years.

CNN. "Greener Earth Means Good News and Bad."
Why greener areas on the earth point to global warming.

Perdue, Jon. "Global Warming is Hot Air."
Why (Jon Thinks that) global warming is a hoax. An interesting read.

Least Tern: An Endangered Species
Lifestyle and habitat of the endangered Least Tern, and how global warming affects it.

NIWA (CNN): "Ozone Hole No Bigger but More Persistent."
Why the ozone hole isn't getting bigger, but is sticking around for longer.

Pacific in Peril: Climate Countdown (Greenpeace)
Why the Pacific island nations are in trouble due to the changing climate.

[top] Solar Power

SolarElectric: "Your Online Resource for Renewable Energy Information"
An excellent online retailer providing solar equipment and accessories for the green consumer.

Sierra Solar Systems: A "Full Service Renewable Energy Outfitter."
They provide personal consultation and have an experienced sales team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power (PDF): AllTronics is an electronics component supply company dealing in all sorts of products, from books to solar panels. They provide this PDF with simple instructions for wiring solar panels.

[top] Wind Energy

American Wind Energy Association: The AWEA provides in-depth information on wind technologies, including detailed analysis of turbines and wind speed.

Wind Power: Clean Energy for Colorado: A project of the Grassroots Campaign for Wind Power, this site urges Colorado residents to have their local power companies set aside wind power "blocks" for their use.

Wind Power in Iowa: Much like the Colorado site above, WPII urges Iowans to write their legislators. This site's objective is to promote in-state power generation via wind power generators.

[top] Biomass Energy

American Biomass Association: The ABA has a useful fact sheet online with many convincing arguments for switching to biomass for energy.

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